Péter Haraszti

Péter Haraszti

Founder, Entrepreneur

Graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Industrial Engineering and Management in 2005. During his university studies he laid the foundation of his carrier as the leader of Hungarian and international student organisations.

Peter is a serial entrepreneur; he has successfully built up and exited from several businesses in the field of financial services, business consultancy, online sales, retail, renewable energy and agriculture in the past 10 years. Peter has strong entrepreneurial skills and vision driven mindset, he has significant experience in project financing. As a business owner with his team he helped more then 900 SMEs to get EU and bank financing for their projects in a worth of EUR 50 million.

Before the entrepreneurial years Peter worked as field manager for Toyota Motor Hungary, his role was to maintain brand standards and enhance sales performance at authorized retailers (2005-2009).

Peter is the mastermind, founding shareholder, and CEO of MedAlliance Holding (TritonLife Group).

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