About us

About us

TritonLife Group is a standout leader in the transitioning Hungarian private healthcare sector. While we are the fastest growing, we continue to maintain a strong commitment to patient satisfaction as well as employee motivation and morale. Our ultimate goal is to build a fully integrated, country-wide inpatient and outpatient care system of 15 or more private hospitals and OP clinics, covering Budapest and major subregions.

Our team’s primary objective is to accelerate growth by combining carefully planned and executed M&A strategies, organic growth of existing businesses and new regional investments. We are committed to contributing to the ever-developing Hungarian healthcare market with focused attention on providing medical professionals with very attractive, local opportunities. It is our utmost priority to provide a premium level of care to our patients and to comply with all relevant regulations and laws, while adhering to the highest ethical and medical standards.

TritonLife Group is contributing to the preservation and improvement of health standards among citizens in our region. By providing quality treatment and access to best in class preventative care, we maintain our status as an industry leader. Our efficient, modern and evidence-based medical protocols are of the highest internationally recognized standards. Additionally, we are dedicated to maximizing operational efficiencies and synergies among the TritonLife portfolio companies.

With 250,000+ medical interventions, 1700+ births, almost 6000 operations per year, combined with annual revenues exceeding 15B HUF, TritonLife Group is leading the way in Hungarian healthcare and on a mission to exceed it’s goals.

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