Code of ethics

Code of ethics

The following summarizes the most important principles of our ethical code, defining our expectations towards our colleagues, but also guiding our business and customer relations.

1. It is our clients who put their trust in us but they are the ones who pay our salaries. We always keep this in mind, also during our daily activities. We listen to our customers, try to understand their problems, and service them on the highest possible professional level, either keeping them healthy via professional preventative care, curing their illnesses, or assisting  them giving birth.

2. We do value and appreciate our highly professional colleagues. We encourage and support their continuous medical or other relevant education, contributing financially towards these courses and providing paid leaves. We have high demands and expectations towards our collegues and our teams, since our motivated and well prepared professionals represent the greatest value for our clients. When recruiting and developing our staff, race, sex, skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, political views, make no difference. The things that matters  are their preparedness, experience, attitude towards others, and the identification with our values.

3. We are direct and honest with each other and with our business partners. We do value and foster integrity. We treat others the same the way that we would expect to be treated in a similar situation.

4. If one works, one may make mistakes.

  • In our medical activities, we do not share this approach. We do everything possible to prevent errors in our professional work that might cause damages to our clients. This is guaranteed by our well maintained, ISO audited internal processes, and our quality control system that is based on the best international evidence-based medical practice guidelines, and the professional experience of our colleagues.
  • In other areas, as all other professionals, we also may make mistakes. If so, we do admit those, we do not blame each other, we take corrective action, and take responsibility.

5. We always remain modest and moderate. Success shall not make us complacent. We never stop developing ourselves, improving our methods and upgrading our assets, setting newer and newer challenging targets for ourselves to achieve.

6. We act lawfully and transparently, and do not support the grey economy:

  • We supply our materials from respected, contracted, and transparent vendors
  • We establish clean, documented contractual relationship with our customers,
  • We employ, and contract our staff according to all relevant laws and regulations
  • We always act as the respective legislation and regulation requires

7. Our values are based on good Western civil principles. We are neutral experts and do not let anyone using our professional arguments in the media pros and cons, as part of actual politics. We express our views objectively, based on our experience and knowledge.

8. We wish to build our operation in synergy with the solidarity based community healthcare funding model.

9. We believe that the physicians – and each healthcare employee –are special members of our society. They have very high individual values, learning throughout their entire lives, working day and night for our clients, for us, often running the extra mile for all of us.

10. We consider our competitors partners, as we build the private healthcare market together. What  is good for them, it is good for us, and vice-versa.

11. We consider insurance companies partners. The desirable future is a good service provider – insurer co-operation.

12. Our acts and manifestations are well-founded, based on professional arguments and they are not manipulative or self-oriented.

13. Outstanding work shall have it’s due. We do acknowledge the demand and need of our partners, vendors, suppliers, and colleagues for creating value and we do not question their realistic return expectations.

14. Strong work shall have it’s due. We hope that our clients turning to us are of the same opinion and they do not question our reasonable returns either, with which we can run and develop our enterprise, can create jobs, can keep improving the quality of our services, pay taxes for the benefit of the country, and generally, we create value for the population of the region.

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